Image of the Week (W/C 23rd December 2019)

Top image for last week is from a set taken down Mermaid Quay this one showing the Coal exchange (centre) and the Senedd (right).

This image is produced by combining 3 images at verying apurture setting. Does create amazing layers of light. Do like the rain on the slate floor which delivers a magical reflection

30th December 2019

Coal Exchange and Senedd

Image of the Week (W/C 16th December 2019)

Last weeks most popular Image was taken at Pontsticill Reservoir in Merthyr.

Bit of a challange since the wall on top of the dam is just over 6 foot so even on tip toe I couldnt get the shot. To the rescue my monopod a real must have bit of kit (Click Link to check out Manfrotto Compact Advanced Monopod, Black ) and cable release. Job done

Taken with the Nikon D3200 and Tamron 10-24mm set at 13mm, F9 1/125Sec and iso 200

23rd December 2019

Pontsticill Over Flow

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Monopod, Black (Click for Full Image)

Image of the Week (W/C 9th December 2019)

This image from Kenfig Hill Pond smashed it out of the park on last weeks 500px submissions. A bracing walk out but well worth the trip, I have a number of images at this location so don't be surprised seeing something similiar (See ICM in  Abstract Photography)

Taken with my Nikon D3200 fitted with the Tamron 10-24mm, set at 14mm , F11 and 1/100Sec. Map link added to the left of the image if you fancy a great walk during the Christmas break 

16th December 2019

Kenfig Hill Pond

Caerphilly 1981

Then and Now

Left a 35mm Image from 1981 and the right a digital photo 2019,  the tree on the centre right of the composition has really grown up  new lamp post added and of course a safety rail by the moat

Caerphilly 2019

Image of The Week (W/C 2nd December 2019)

This image smashed it out of the Park, a long exposure Image taken on Penarth Pier, its a part of a set that will get some coverage over December.

Taken just before I got kicked off the Pier at closing time Taken with the Nikon d3200 fitted with a Tamron super zoom lens set at 10mm, F18 and exposed for 25 seconds. 

9th December 2019


Image of the Week (W/C 25th November 2019)

Top Image for last week taken in Cefn Onn Parc, trip targetted for Autumn colours and didnt disappoint, this one one of many taken that day, and has featured on this sites home page.

Carried light that day using my Panasonic TZ70, plus a 35mm Film camera

Setting for the image 6.3mm throw,F3.7 aperture ans 1/60thSec

Autumn Colours Cefn Onn Parc

Image of the Week W/C 18th November 2019

After 2 week of close up indoor images, a landscape make the top slot last week. 

Taken on a trip up to Cyfartha Park Merthyr Tydfil. Objective was to capture Autumn colours within the park. During post this aspect of the Lake and Castle jumped out as a Black and White, capture. Nice to see a monochrome come to the fore.

Photo taken with a Nikon d3200, fitted with a Tamron 10-24 lens ,set at 11mm,F7.1, 1/60thSec and iso 100

25th November 2019

Cyfartha Park

Image of the Week (W/C 11th November 2019)

Big winner from last weeks Photo's on 500px ,another product from a set of Images taken of a bunch of flowers. This one featuring a macro of a Lily, focusing on a drop of nectar .

Image captured with the Panasonic TZ70, set to makro focus. This camera has so much to offer its like a Swiss Army Knife, with Christmas coming check it out in Amazon CLICK Here

18th November 2019

Image of the Week --Lily Nectar

Mumbles Pier1980's

Then and Now

2 Images of Mumbles Pier the left 35 mm from the 1980's, the right digital from this year

Mumbles Pier 2019

Winter Berries

Image of the Week (W/C 4th November 2019)

An image which was a product of the poor weather in October, always aim to take something each day rather then nothing. On a wet Tuesday  did a set using flowers given to my wife from my Daughter and Son in Law. 

A close up picture  using +2 closeup lens and Neewer Speed Flash, light bounced from the ceiling, I've supplied a link for the flash its a great alternative to branded Guns, the Amazon offer is well worth a check out

11th November 2019

Neewer VK750II PRO i-TTL Flash *Deluxe Kit* for NIKON DSLR

Shop on Amazon CLICK HERE


Image of the Week (W/C 28th October 2019)

Favoured top image from last week is a good old black and white, taken on Mumbles Pier, featured a couple walking towards me , affording a central point of interest with strong leading lines, shadows to add contrast ,shot at waste level to aid perspective

Delivered with a Nikon D2X and partner lens Tokina 11-16mm. set at full throw of 11mm ,F10 and 1/60th/Sec

4th November 2019

Mumbles Pier

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Image of the Week (W/C 21st October 2019)

Top image for last week is again from a set I took down in Aberavon, the location is at the end of a concrete pier looking seaward to the end of Port Talbot harbour, with massive sea defences in the foreground.

The tone represents the feel for that day late September with the threat of rain.

Used the Nikon D3200 with the Tamron 10-24mm  set at 10mm, F8 and 640th/Sec

28th October 2019


3 Must subscribe YouTube Channels

Learning and adding to your skill set is important to improve as a photographer. For me YouTube is an amazing tool that affords me 2 important features, get Inspired and be Informed, listed are 3 channels that deliver this in bucket loads 

1... Thomas Heaton -- Click Here

A real master of his art full of good content delivered in a simple straight forward way.  Great content a must for all landscape photographers

2.... The Angry Photographer -- Click Here

Ken is not everyones cup of tea but his technical knowledge is second to none on YouTube if you want an honest assessment of equipment and advice this is the must see channel, massive collection to view

3... COOPH -- Click Here

Great photography hacks made simple great fun in snappy short video's . You want to be more creative pop in and check out

15th October 2019

Image of the Week (W/C 14th October 2019)

Last weeks top image came from a set taking in Aberavon. On a gray wet morning, the mass expance of beach contrasted with the gray rain clouds. 

The set was the first trip out using the D3200 and the Tamron 10-20mm lens, the image taken at the len's maximium 10mm throw, cramming a lot into the view.

Want to see more of the set out check out my 500PX page Click here

21st October 2019 


What Talent

Do check this artist out, comisssioned for my daughters wedding, amazing skills add's value to a special day, check him out Picasso Griffiths at Facebook

10th October 2019

Picasso Griffith

Image of the Week (W/C 7th October 2019)

Check out the story of last weeks top image at Image and its Story

Sultan The Pit Pony (ICM) (Click Image to see Full picture)

Image of The Week (W/C 30th September 2019)

Top image for last week this abstract of Sultan the Pit Pony, the staggering Earthwork you kind find at Penallta Parc.

These Intentional Camera Movement Images, do attract a wide range of reaction from very positive to, outright dislike. Its the subjective nature of photography, win some loss some. For me its something I enjoy producing for its visual impact

Check out the video of the Earthworks stunning !!!

7th October 2019

Image of the Week (W/C 23rd September 2019)

Last weeks top Image by a long while is a still of Lavender, very much a back up image of a still set I did during the Summer.

Using my Lumix TZ70, set in my Light Box a single Lavender flower stands out against a black background. Camera stat's on this was 22mm Focal length, aperture F6.3 and 1/60thSec. Focusing auto macro.

I took this hand held  holding the flower with my other hand, I assure you it tested the camera image stabilization, of this amazing compact Camera.

This image is under license for sale with 500Px (Getty Images)

30th September 2019



Image of the Week (W/C 9th September 2019)

The top image this week show mooring structure known as "Dolphins" , they are historic relics of Cardiffs trading port history. Many images around Mermaid Quay, includes these structures adding constrast between old and new on Cardiff Bay

Taken with The Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm lens , set at 15mm, F8, 1/1000P/Sec and 100iso

16th September 2019

Image of the Week (W/C 16th September 2019)

Image of the Week (W/C 2nd September 2019)

A 55mm landscape creating a very taught view of the dead tree in a pond, with the aperture open at F5.6, the foreground is soft and blurred framing the main subject .

Taken with the Nikon D3200 at the lower part of Penallta Parc

9th September 2019

Penallta Parc

Harvest Complete

Image of the Week (W/C 26th August 2019)

Top image this week was captured in Lower Machen, post harvest, with one single bale left in the field. I wanted to emphasis the constrast in the colours and the monochrome of the dark rain clouds. I pushed the dynamic range in post to achieve strong colours, and soften to create a dreamy look with the dramatic  skys.

Taken with the Nikon D2X , and first set of images using a Tokina 28-70 Lens. I'm a big fan of Tokina, and this lens was going for a steal under £20, too a good to pass up. 

Lens setting 28mm F22 and 1/40Sec (Hand Held)

2nd September 2019


Image of the Week (W/C 19th August 2019)

Top image last week was previewed on our Facebook page when taken. Captured  at Taff Bargoed Park with the Lumix TZ70, its super zoom picked up the Heron at around 600 meters, hand held.

At closer inspection not the sharpest of photo's but does demonstrate the feature of the TZ70,  at F6.4 and 1/125Sec, this camera image stabalization is amazing. Check out the link for Amazon

(Lumix TZ70)

26th August 2019

Eye Training

Improving skills is one of those vital eliments towards being a better photographer, you must always walk toward the light of development, if you want to deliver greater compotence

Part of my 10,000 hours involves "Eye Training" , I set a challange for myself that forces me to look and explore for images. The hardest challange is to target looking for photo's in very fimiliar location . My training run this week has been confined to my office. 

In my office the eye is in auto pilot, to flick that switch off and discover images, makes for a great exercise. Looking for colour, shape,patterns and abstract representation of this office space and items within it, has been a rewarding exercise. The slide show is a sample of the 16 Images produced during this "Eye Workout" 

Try it out

20th August 2019


Eye Training -- My Office

Garden in Full Bloom

Image of The Week (W/C 12th August 2019)

Some time simple is the best, and last weeks top image illustrates this, a straight forward picture of blooming flowers in my garden, the Hydrangea's take centre stage with the yellow Hypericum Hidcote in the background.

The garden in the Summer does offer handfulls of opportunity shots , armed with my Lumiz TZ 70 with it's wide range of setting options to aid composition and creativity, all keeps the image radar fine tuned

 Lumix TZ70, set around 35mm, f5.6  1/80's P/Sec, iso auto

19th August 2019

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Intentional Camera Movement

Since my Blog entry 9th of July (Blog 2019 Half 2) I've been exploring image generation delivered in an abstract way. Watching and reading a lot about the subject .

I've come to the conclusion that it feeds my primary objective of always delivering Creative Expression First. It does add to the suite of images I produce, for the mass consumption photo's aimed at the stock photography market , to a bit of self indulgant enjoyment.

The Image attached is from a visit to Newport Transporter Bridge, for me it ticks off all the eliments of the abstract , it manipulates reality , challanges perception of what is a familiar object.

Check out more at Abstract Photography

18th August 2019

Intentional Camera Movement

Image of The Week (W/C 5th August 2019)

Black and White photo's again returning to the fore, the much visited Caephilly Castle again takes the top slot for  Image of the Week, iconic image made more interesting with the dramatic sky. This one taken with a Nikon D3200, Kit lens set at 18mm,F7.1 , 1/400thSec and 100 iso


12th August 2019

Caerphilly Castle

Image of the Week (W/C 29th July 2019)

Second week on the bounce is a Black and White image taken in Porthcawl, this one of the famous lighthouse, normally seen with winter gales and wave's crashing over it

Same set up of camera and lens to last week, with the exception of the  focal length set at 28mm

5th August 2019

Image of The Week Porthcawl Quay.

Image of the Week (W/C 22nd July 2019)

Top slot this week goes to this black and white image of the Sea Front at Porthcawl, taken on a Monday with no visitors in view. The dark looming cloud, did conspire to dump a load of rain on me later that morning

The lens used for this image is 100% manual Tokina Sz-X Lens a 28 -105mm zoom Check out Blog 5th March 2018

Lens set at 55mm,F11, 1/250th

29th July 2019


Instagram -- Gone Black and White

To maintain a consistant approach with my Instagram feed, I've decided only to post Black and White images.

Daily inputs a 


Image of The Week (W/C15th July 2019)

This is a real carry on from my Blog of the 9th July , the top image image for last week, is an ICM image of the standing stones in Caerphilly.

These images have a real Marmite responce, some folks love them, some hate them . For me I'm warming to the genre, so much so I'll be setting up a new page to show case my efforts

Image taken with Nikon D3200 40mm,1/5thSec ,F20 and 100 iso

22nd July 2019

Standing Stones Caerphilly, (ICM)

Image of the Week (W/C 8th July 2019)

Top image this week is again a flower, taken whilst on holidays in Grand Canaria.

I spotted this Hibiscus with its petals wrapped up as if still cwtch'd up against the night chill.

Taken with a Nikon D3200 with a 50mm Yongnuo Prime set at F5.6 , 1/30thSec and iso 200

15th July 2019



ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

I'm a big fan of Thomas Heaton, a Landscape photographer on the top of his game, his YouTube channel, is packed with great content, really worth subscribing.

The attached video really got me inspired to try out the technique of Intentional Camera Movement, Thomas introduces you to Andy Gray, not the footballer. Andy  centre's his photographic output around ICM .

With all the focus on image stabalisation for Landscape, this technique, just throws it aside, it deliver's abstract images, which look "Art" like.

Looks a simple process but it does challange you, to look for a composition, and what I found most tricky was to get the aperture and shutter speed working in concert, I found the need to take multiple exposures, "Chimping" like a good un. Then you need to spend time in processing to deliver an end result. It did  take a lot longer in post then a normal processing session , not a real suprise whilst I'm in learning mode. 

Heaton in his video talks about getting out of your comfort zone and thinking outside the box, ICM certainly does this, watch the video check out Andy Gray, give it a go

My first attempt attached taken in Bedwas South Wales alongside the Rhymney River features a dead tree


9th July 2019




Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) test shot

Image of the Week ( W/C 1st July 2019)

Bit of a change from Landscape images. Last week favoured image on 500PX was a still life . I default to still life photography if the weather is wet.

It requires differing skills no so more then managing a flash and a fixed light source. This one taken in a light box , the Buttercup sits on a mirror, which add content to the photo, I do enjoy this genre

Taken with Nikon D3200 kit lens at 55mm F8, 1/125Sec, ISO 100.

8th July 2019

Buttercups in Reflection

Image of the Week W/C 24/6, check out Image and its Story



St Fagans

Image of the Week (W/C 17th June 2019)

Easely the best liked image of last week both on 500px and Instagram. Taken at the National Museum St Fagans, in the main house gardens

Taken with the D2X Nikon and Tokina 11-16 at 11mm,F5.6, 640thSec and 100 ISO

24th June 2019


Mountain View

Image of the Week (W/C 10th June 2019)

Image of the mountain from Keepers Pond Blaenavon, amazing views of the Welsh Countryside, 3rd visit here first 2 weather was awful, on this Spring morning weather just amazing almost clear blue sky

Taken with the D2X Nikon, Tokina 11-16mm lens set at 14mm , F9 , 1/500thSec and iso 100

18th June 2019


Image of the Week (W/C 3rd June 2019)

Start of the 2nd half of 2019 and the most liked image from last week is this Black and White Image of the A470 taken between Merthyr and Brecon, I'm a leading Line junkie and the scene screamed "Take ME"

Taken with he Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16 14mm ,F11, 1/125/Sec iso 100

Processed using Photodirector 7

9th June 2019