Image of the Month December 2018

Final Image of the Month for 2018, was again a Black and White, part of a set taken at Southerndown

Again its a signiture Image with Dramatic Sky . Taken with the D2X Nikon and Partner Lens Tokina 11-16 se at f7.1, 640thSec , 11mm and iso 100


3rd January 2019


Image of the Week (W/C 24th December 2018)

Fitting the last Image for the week for 2018, was taken back in the heat wave Summer. Taken at Llandegfedd Lake, scene captured a 2 man canoe, and a small motor boat, creating a small wake.

Just loved the location and the bright Summer Light just made all the colours pop.


Taken with the Nikon D2x , Tokina 11-16 lens set at 16 mm, F7.1, 160Sec and iso100. Lens fitted with a ND2 Filter


31st December 2018

Image of The Week (W/C 17th December 2018)

Top image on 500 PX last week  was once again a Black and White , taken of the Western aspect of Caerphilly Castle, on the day, bright Blue sky, created nice crisp lines delivered by harsh light .Taken Nikon D2X Tokina 11-16 Lens 1/40thsec, F8, 12mm and iso 100


24th December 2018

Caerphilly Castle

Image of The Week (W/C 10th December 2018)

A  late entry for the Image of the week,  the 500px pulse rate  very strong , in a week that has seen a lot of positive responce to images posted.

Monochrome image from a set taken at Southerndown taken with the D2X ,Tokina 11-16 combination full spread at 11mm F7.1 ,1/640th sec,iso100 and handheld


A late contender for 2018 Image of the Year


17th December 2018


"That's what I call a Selfie"

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Image of The Week. (W/C 3rd December 2018)

Following my trip to Vietnam, returned to image posting , and what was a half week it has been a very competitive chase for top slot. The top image has already seen light of day prior to my Hols ,being published it the Western Mail as "Image of the Day".

Taken during an open day at Caerphilly Castle , amazing weather on a late September day.

Taken with Nikon D2X and my go to 11.16mm Tokina lens

Settings 11mm, F8, 180sec, iso 100


10th December 2018

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Image of the Month November 2018

The image of the month is a little indulgance had some positive responce through social media, but this is one I like most

Its from a open day at Caerphilly Castle , Aka free entry, I'm sporting my D2X and Tokina 11-16, trying to get a shot of the leaning tower, I'm compositing and as the shutter close's a chap photo bombs the image, LOVE IT !

1/125th Sec, F 8 at 11mm


6th December 2018

That will take filling

Image of The Week (W/C 12th November 2018)

This weeks top slot comes from a set taken in Penarth, as with last week its of the Pier. In Black and White, taken from a lower perspective with the sky adding drama to the composition, Taken with my trusted Nikon D3200 and 18 to 55 Kit lens


The visit to Penarth afforded me some great image opportunety's all of which have been well recieved on all social media outlets


18th November 2018


Penarth Pier

Image of The Week (W/C 5th November 2018)

Colour Image one of a set taken in Penarth, straight forward image taken with my Nikon D3200 aand Kit lens.


12th November 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 29th October 2018)

Not a surprise a simple Black and White, taken at Penarth, image sutle in its content straight forward composition , simple is some time the best. Taken with Nikon D3200 + Kit lens at 55mm F8 1/125s iso 100


5th November 2018.

Far Sail

October's Image of The Month

A Lone Tree, hits Octobers Image of the Month, again Black and White is king. 

Taken in Penallta Park with a Nikon D3200 and the Kit Lens, set at F5 , 1/125s 18mm and iso 100

Processed with Raw Therapee, which I tend to use a lot in recent month, this free software does deliver and is simple to use give it a go


1st November 2018


Barry Island

Image of The Week (W/C 22nd October 2018)

Stand out image for last week is again a Black and White, this one from a trip to Barry in early September, some strong images in the set taken on this trip,and although the colour images perform well, good old mono beats off all challanges

Taken with the Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm 


29th October 2018

Instagram Preview

Been running a 35mm theme for nearly a month, been the most popular of all theme #filmisnotdead, is very much a reality.

Time for a change and I've decided to indulge myself with photo's I enjoyed producing, so its a bit of a random mix, enjoy, theme starts next Monday 29th October


24th October



Caerphilly Castle Leaning Tower

Image of The Week (W/C 15th October 2018)

A Lone Tree found at Penallta Park. Black and White image taken with Nikon d 3200 and Kit Lens.

Lens fitted with a Grad Filter to pull the clouds clearly into the image.


22October 2018

Lone Tree

Castle and Moat

Image of The Week (W/C 8th October 2018)

Yet another Black and White tops the pops this week taken on an Open Day for Caerphilly Castle.

A bright still day just a dream to catch reflection, taken with the Nikon D2X and my go to landscape lens Tokina 11-16 mm F2.8


15th October 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 1st October 2018)

This image came strong yesterday snached the top spot from a colour image, what a shock.

Taken at Cardiff Splash the image screamed at me with the idle canoes, lone paddler and leading line, Black and White rule one again


8th October 2018


Septembers Image of the Month

Once again a Black and White Image, taken  at Ogmore, one of extensive set check out link below available from Shutterstock 

This image taken with a 50mm Prime lens not a go to lens for landscape , but did work for this capture.

Ogmore River

Image of The Week (W/C 24th September 2018)

Last weeks top image again a Black and White, this one a set from a visit to Ogmore by Sea, the concrete path to the beach produces a clean line with the sky and sea horizon contrasting well within the composition. Taken with my Nikon D2X fitted with a Tokina 11-16 F2.8 super wide lens ideal for landscape, click link picture and check out on Amazon.

Image of The Week (W/C 17th September 2018)

Black and White take the lead last week again an image from a set I took at Ogmore by Sea. 

The image is taken on the banks of the Ogmore River.

The image taken with a D3200 Nikon, and rather than a wide angle lens a Prime 50 mm Yongnuo, imazing Chinese build a copy of a Canon 50mm, 


24th September 2018

Ogmore River

Image of The Week (W/C 10th September 2018)

Most popular image this week took it at the death, prior to yesterday,  there was a  dead heat of 2 other Black and White photo's.


This image came strong over night to take top slot


Again a Black and White, taken at Ogmore by Sea, in fact the matched pair came from the same set.

Taken Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm Lens


17th September 2018

Ogmore by Sea -- Dune Path

Image of The Week (W/C 3rd September 2018)

A strong Black and White performance last week, in fact the top 7 images on social media and 500px were all monochrome.

This pathway leads to an Observatory at the top of Panallta Parc, the track is black because this attraction sits on a reclaimed coal tip, delivers great contrast with a great visual backdrop of the Welsh countryside


Taken with D3200, with Kit lens


10th September 2018 

Penallta Parc

Image of The Week (W/C 27th August 2018.) August Top Image

The image of the week also makes the top spot for August. Its my favourite field in Lower Machen, bit of a last minute dash to capture the bails after harvesting. On a day that had seen rain delivered a dramatic sky , taken with my Nikon D2X and a Nikkor 28-80mm utility lens.


Did beat off a black and white image but a fitting end to summer colours


3rd September 2018

Summers End

Instagram Preview


New set of images due Sunday 2nd of September. This time all pictures will be converted 35mm Film. I do like this medium, it keeps me grounded to my photographic roots.

The soft look, is a change from the pin sharp images the digital world affords, us. 

I've sold a 35mm image this month, which tells me there is a market and the public still like this original representation of the world around us.


Check the link above, follow, like and comment


31st August 2018

Mountain Stream Penallta Park

Llandegfedd Reservoir

Image of the Week (W/C 20th August 2018)

Black and White does it again despite all the amazing colour images presented last week, its a monochrome that wins Image of the week. From a set taken at Llandegfedd Reservoir.


The framing and composition pull's it off with attractive layers and detail through out the image


27th August 2018

Nikon Z 7 Full Frame Mirrorless Launch

The long awaited Nikon Mirrorless camera  is out, bold move and will have to really deliver early doors to match the  market leader of Mirrorless camera's Sony

check the Ytube link for some insight from  Kia W, lots for all the techno's out there.


26th August 2018

Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Full Frame.

Image of the Week (W/C 13th August 2018)

Very popular Black and White of Cardiff Bay taken with Nijkon D2X and Tokina 11-16 with a ND4 Filter attached


20th August 2018.

Cardiff Bay and St Davids Hotel

World of Photography Day 2018

19th August is World Photography Day, my posted image on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook represents my  world and what inspires me.


The photo of my "creative hub" is full of important images,  photographers, Sir Don McCullen, his creativity is matched by his lion heart bravery and Philip Jones Griffiths, a Welshmen who like Sir Don reported on the Vietnam War , his appoach put the Vietnam people into the heart of his imagery, an intellectual giant behind the lens.

Most important my rock ,best friend and wife Connie,  she is a  left eye dominant photographer, which always put's a smile on my face when she shots,  her portraits of me , is recognition of my respect for her skills

Photo albums, full of images of my family, history and life captured

Photo's that I've had published sit above my computer to remind me of the standards I need to reach every shot. In addition the mantra that keep's me honest to what's important to my style "Creative Expression First".

Finally a plaque from my Daughter Victoria which is a great comment on life

"Life is like Photography ...We use the negatives to develop"


A photopraph more than an image of an office presented in Black and White, because although the world is seen in colour we dream in Black and White


19th August 2018

Delweddau Images Creative Hub

Instagram Theme W/C 20th August 2018

Summer 2018 theme is coming to an end and a change in subject is due. Visited a site in the week Pen-Y-Van Pond again not that far from home, weather had changed with gray , dark skys, the location had great views around the pond, but to add contrast a set of wind turbines sat in the background

I find these monsters complement the countryside, rather than detracting from the view, I feel they add a point of focus and interest within the landscape.


So as at Monday , Wind Turbines will be my theme, can be viewed on Instagram Facebook and Twitter, enjoy


17th August 2018

Wind Power

RAW Therapee -- FREE !!!!!!

RAW Therapee, check it out . Been having a go and found it has  loads of features , differing approach to processing but I'm impressed, give it a go especially as an alternative to Light room. Test image attached 




16th August 2018.

Test image using RAW Therapee

Caerphilly Castle Reflectiion

Image of The Week (W/C 6th August 2018)

Cannot seperate these two images an absolute dead heat. Both Iconic images of 2 landscapes, Caerphilly Castle from the western aspect and Mermaid Qauey with Coal exchange and WMC. Both processed with heavy use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) to make the detail pop

Taken with my D2x and Tokina 11-16 mm super wide lens.


Love both images the Caerphilly Castle  shot featured on BBC Wales, twitter and facebook page.


13th August 2018

Mermaid Quay

Coffee Beans

Light Box -- Product Photography.

As is the norm with my photographic purchases I turn either to Amazon or Ebay The light Box I've invested in comes from Cowbay Studio's. An ebay purchase at £3.85 . It affords me a means to produce consistant light in a static table top scene, great for product photography, and a must have for keen sellers on ebay to produce crisp images of their sale products


This bargain, aids my portfolio growth and gives me work,  during those damp winter days, some test shots attached with more in Eye Candy


8th August 2018

35 mm Film

Image of the Week (W/C 30th July 2018)

Last week top image , again is a Black and White, from a set I took in a wheat field in Lower Machen, all the images in the set were in colour , decided to convert this one to add a point of difference, love the lines and contrast in the image. 


Again hit the right note with social media and 500px. Taken with my Nikon D3200, Kit lens with polerised filter to manage the mid morning harsh light.


8th August 2018

Wheat Field Lower Machen

Image of the Month -- July

Close run thing with a very solid show from the image of the week w/c 2nd July, Jetty, published in the Western Mail


Top image again in Black and White. Taken in Penallta Park, this landscape is a simple image its layers are subtle from foreground through to background. Taken with the Nikon D3200 at 18mm ,aperture F9, speed 1/200's and iso 200. Lens carried a Polarised Filter and a Grad filter to bring out the sky


1st August 2018



Flat Plain -- Penallta Parc

Image of the Week (W/C 23rd July 2018)

A much supported image of Roath Park Lake, very still summer day help produced a neat reflection. Taken with my Nikon D2X with a Nikkor 28-80 utility lens.

Bit of colour this week


30th July 2018

Roath Park Lake

Great walks and Watersports -- Llandegfedd Reservoir.

Just a short jump north of Newport you can find Llandegfedd Reservoir.

Amazing vista's for all to see, views of the lake is stunning, good parking with a vistors centre a real must to visit. For photographers this is an 100 image site worthy of seasonal comeback visits. Check out some images in EyE Candy


25th July 2018

Llandegfedd Reservoir

Image of the Week (W/C 16th July 2018)

This weeks image taken in Penallta Parc, (See Blog 4th July for location)

Taken with the Nikon D3200. Again the fans of Black and White respond to the image. The runner up was also a Black and White says alot about the enduring love for Monochrome


23rd July 2018

Penallta Parc "The Plain"

Image of the Week (W/C 9th July 2018)

Close run this week with this image taking the  top slot taken in Machen, whilst having an ice cream in the Summer sun, this opportunity shot was taken with my trusty D3200




16th July 2018



Over the Hedge

Preview of next Instagram Set

Water Water Water has been very popular, next set inspired by the amazing summer weather and matching landscape in Wales



12th July 2018

Rhondda from the Rhigos Mountain

Image of the Week (W/C 2nd July 2018)

Again another image from the set taken on Cardiff Barrage. Responce from Flickr, normally a bit player when assessing the weekly winner, but last week this image pulled the likes in  floods


Take with a Nikon 2dx hand held with a high iso of 400 to combat the failing light


9thJuly 2018

Image of the week

Parc Penallta

Parc Penallta is reclaimed land from the collery that was on the site, the buildings and winding gear can be seen when you travel to the upper part of the park. The park has a great vista across the valleys but there is a staggering piece of art that is a feature worthy of a visit , for all you drone pilots out there, Sultan the Pit pony, which is the the largest Figurative Earth Sculpture in the UK , great place for all walkers, mountain bikers and photographers


See attached link



Sultan the pit pony

4th July 2018