Images of the Week (W/C 11th March 2019)

Last weeks top image came from a visit to Porthcawl, Rest Bay. Good composition suggests you need something in the foreground, I try to keep honest to such guides but do like to go off piste on occasions . 

On the day the only foreground available was the dugged hole, it did the trick. For me the image represents the empty expance of the beach and Sky, with only some kite surfers in the background adding to the scene

Taken with the Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm Zoom shot at 13mm, F13, 1/50thSec iso 100

18th March 2019 

Rest Bay

Lensball Test Shots

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Image of The Week

Image of the Week (W/C 4th March 2019)

Very strong pulse rate performance on 500px coming late in the week. This is the first of a set from a visit to Porthcawl and Rest Bay. Again the sun and cloud cover made for some stunning opportunety's. 

Saw these hardy winter surfers making their way to the sea.

Sporting a 35 - 70mm Nikkor lens, even at 70mm I needed to crop the image to create the right balance for the photo.Image to the right is the same composition, using a Nikon EM, 35mm Film, and 28-105 Tokina lens.

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11th March 2019



35mm Winter Surfers

Image Of The Week (W/C 25th February 2019)

February Image of The Month (Check Blog 10th Feb for detail)

Image of the Week (W/C 18th February 2019)

Real winner this Black and White Image from a visit to Barry Island, just after Christmas, the low  sun just created solid lines and the beach visitors delivers points of interest.


This visit produced a solid set of photo's , enjoyed the trip and getting the opportunity to gather great scenes 


Old faithful combination D2X and Tokina 11-16mm Lens, set at 16mm, F8 1/640 p/Sec and 100 ISO


25th February 2019

Winter Low Sun (Click Image to Enlarge)

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Image of The Week (W/C 11th February 2019)

Top two images chasing top slot, both Seascapes, major contast, the winner, colour image from Vietnam, runner up a Black and White from South Wales.


Check out the 2 people in the bottom  corner and what they were up to. Classic .


Setting on my Nikon D3200 42mm focal length, F9 Aperture, 1/80thSec and 100 iso


18th February 2019

Image of The Week (Click Image to Enlarge)

Runner Up (Click the Image to Enlarge)

Dog Walking (Click to Enlarge)

Image of the Week (W/C 4th February 2019)

Nothing came close to this image last week, taken post Christmas, at Barry Island. The beach was well visited that morning, with low winter sun.


Waited to capture my wife and Alfie, alone in the shot , then really worked the dynamic range in processing to ensure what is presented reflected the drama of the sky, and calmness on the beach. Very similiar to the image taken at the same location taken in 2014 (See Left)


D2X used with Tokina 11-16 zoom set at 11mm,F8,1/1000thSec and iso 100


10th Febrary 2019

December 2014 (Click to Enlarge)

January Image of the Month -- Phu Quoc

January Image of the Month


Iconic beachscape image of an amazing location Phu Quoc Island Vietnam. Taken on a hot hot December late afternoon, I love the composition and colour, from a memorable holiday


Taken with the a Nikon D2X and its go to partner the Tokina 11-16mm zoom lens . Set at F8, 1/90thSec, 11mm and 100 iso. Also fitted ND2 Filter


1st February 2019

Tredegar House Lake

Image of the Week (W/C 28th January 2019)

A Black and White image of Tredegar House Lake. Visit prompted by an advert from the National Trust listing Tredegar House as one of their top 10 Christmas Walks. Taken on a very bright December morning in between showers there have been a number of images in the set taken  and there is  a colour version  planned to be posted  in the near future.


Taken with the Nikon D 3200 , kit lens set at 18mm,F9,200thSec and Iso 100


4th February 2019  

Image of The Week (W/C 21st January 2019)

The lead image for last week, is a first, a street image. In Black and White, the go to format for street.

I've been dipping a toe into street, my focus is always on composition , rather then telling a story or a social statement. The image below taken on a rainy day in Merthyr Tydfil, my aim was to capture, a leading line the pavement , diagonal's with the Christmas lights, visual layers in the fore, mid and background.

The free reward that has happened within the frame is the couple, in the mid ground, the women stop, and gave me direct eye contact, the outstreched arm of the male suggests seeking assistance. All at odds with the other people caught in frame

A deliberate capture, certainly not, rather a bonus that adds to the composition.


Nikon D2X used with a 28mm tokina prime lens set at f4.5, 1/90thSec and 100 iso


28th Janury 2019

Challange yourself on the Street


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Merthyr rainy day shopping

Image of The Week (W/C 14th January 2019)

Not oftain I get this but 500Px has thrown up a dead heat for Image of the Week. No greater contrast then these pair. A simple landscape verses a challanging night shot.


Check out my poll on Facebook  Delweddau Images and cast a vote


Clear winner from the poll, Cardiff Bay night shot



21st January 2019 

Field (Click Image for Larger view)

Cardiff Barrage at Night (Click Image for Larger View)

Pink Body Board

Spent an enjoyable time at Rest Bay Porthcawl, the light and its reflection on the wet sand made for some compelling pictures. Composition "Rules" tasks you to get a balance in your layers, fore, middle and background. I had discarded this for a number of images in the set happy to capture what was a special playing of light, sky and reflection.


Did spot a pink body board half way up the beach so took a number of exposure the five below is a sample how a single subject can be taken in differing ways to produce a set.


The set due to be posted on instagram in coming weeks so check out and follow me  at


15th January 2019

Image of The Week (W/C 7th January 2019)

A storming responce on 500PX for this image taken at Tredegar House a National Trust Property, listed as one of their 10 Christmas Walks, and very much worth a vist . 


Taken with a Nikon D3200 kit lens set at 18mm , F5.6 ,125thSec and 100 iso


14th January 2019


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Tredegar House Lake

Used 35mm Film Camera Prices Rocketing

Dipping into Ebay to see what's on offer in the world of photography, I've noticed a notable increase in "Aged" 35 mm Film camera's.

In the last two year there has been and increasing coverage in the media that Film photography is making a slow but steady come back, the desire for authenticity, and soul of 35mm images, is well apparant.


#filmisnotdead, hits the social media platforms in ever increasing numbers.


I conducted a survey today of the cost of 3 Camera's  on Ebay ,all Buy only and UK based below are the results measured against  my purchase price in prior years


A 10 Camera sample used  for average price


Fed 4 £39 , 2017 acquired in mint condition £13 , (Check Blog 23rd July 2017)

Voightlander Vito £30 , 2018 bought for £4.99 (Check Blog 2018 Hf 1 18th Jan 2018)

Nikon F55 £26, picked up in 2017 at £10 (Check Blog 12th Aug 2017)


I believe there is a bit of an "Hipster" factor with the Fed 4 and Voighlander, with demand rattling the price up, but even the plastic body Nikon is showing a solid 260% increase in 18 months


NB I'm testing the Fed 4 currently following a repair on the shutter


8th January 2019


Sammys Nut

Sammy Hiding Nut

Image of The Week (W/C 31st December 2018)

First top image for 2019 comes from  a set from Phu Quoc Vietnam, very strong positive feedback on 500PX.

Taken on the later stage of our trip, during the late afternoon, with the light coming from the left as it starts to set.


Taken with Nikon D2X , Tokina 11-16mm Lens fitted with a ND2 Filter. Setting 11mm,F8,1/90thSec and 100 ISO


7th Jan 2019

Phi Quoc Dec 2018

Set of ND filters (Click Image)


2018 Image of The Year

Image of the Year is classic view of Caerphilly Castle. Taken in July, height of the 2018 Summer heat wave, the still day delivered an amazing reflection


The image was short listed from responces on social media, and my lead stock agency 500px. Two top images was then offered on my Facebook page for voting, so its a real people choice


Image was taken with my Nikon D2X, Tokina 11-16 Mm Lens set at 16mm. F7.1 ,1/250Sec and 100 iso. Processed using Cyberlink Photodirector 7.


31st December 2018

Caerphilly Castle

Instagram Preview

First theme for 2019, is a set of long exposure Night Images taking at Cardiff Barrage