Sunset June 2021

Image of the Week ( W/C 20th September 2021)

This image taken in June this year, I was sitting watching TV and the light outside the livingroom window was screaming for me to take a look, I grabbed my D2X that was fitted with a 28-70 Tokina lens, walked to a field at the end of the road and was greeted with the last gasps of Summer Sun.

Its fair to say the result is heavily influenced in post processing, pulling hard on the HDR adjustment , focusing on colour and tones with a soft effect . I do like this image so much so a posted in EYE CANDY

When taking the image I set the focal lenth at 70mm to pull the long foreground grass in tighter and despite not being an ideal for landscape this tight view did work

Setting 70mm, F4.5, 1/30thSec, 100 ISO 

Image of the Week ( W/C 13th September 2021)

Last week abstract this week a Summer Landscape of Roath Park Lake . I do enjoy taking reflection images. I find it assists in filling the image with content . With a vivid blue sky mottled with clouds some dark threating rain contrast against the trees of the park

Taken with a Nikon d3200 sporting a Tamron 18-250 Lens. Fitted to give me a wide angle and zoom option . Set at 18mm , F11 , 1/250thSec and 100 ISO 

20th September 2021

Roath Park Lake

Image of the Week (W/C 6th September 2021)

There are times I'm lost for words why some images I spend a nanosecond to create attract more attention then one I've spent time to compose and produce. This weeks top image does leave me pondering and reinforces that sometimes simple is best .

Created an a  Sunday morning sitting in the sun, snapping with my D2X , a bit of "eye training " (See Blog page down to 20th August 2019) . captured this one, the steamer chair arm and very attractive blue and white striped cushon . Does it float your boat ? Leave a comment

Taken with Nikon D2X and Tokina 100mm Lens settings F7.1, 1/200thSec and 100ISO 

13th September 2021 

Image of the Week (W/C 30th August 2021)

The wide expance of Llandegfedd Reservoir, takes top slot last week. Located just outside Pontypool (See Map far right), the location has ample parking with amazing views across the reservoir

Taken with Nikon D2x and Tokina 11-16mm set at 11mm, F9, 1/200thSec and 100ISO

6th September 2021 

Llandegfedd Reservoir

Image of the Week (W/C 23rd August 2021)

After a couple of weeks of nature images and a street abstract, back to a standard Landscape Photo . Taken at Cold Knap Barry Island, the grassed park area full of daisies . This image is full of composition guides Rule of thirds, leading lines, a pleasing calm image of early Spring day full of content 

Taken with Nikon D3200, with Tamron 10-20 Lens Set at 20mm.F9, 1/160thSec and 200 ISO

30th August 2021

Cold Knap

Image of the Week (W/C 16th August 2021)

A chance image picked up during a visit to Llandegfedd Reservior . The irony of street art in the middle of the countryside I found amazing , and snapped it with my Lumix compact.

I felt the original full colour version failed to have the  impact the scene had when I took the photograph , decided to selectively colour the "Tagged" artwork , worked for me and recieved lots of positive responce in social media .

Taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ70 set at 4.3mm, F3.3, 1/200th/Sec and 100 ISO 

23rd August 2021



Image of the Week ( W/C 9th August 2021)

For a second week in a row a macro takes the Image of the Week . This one a study in decay, a single Hydrangea leaf. It stood out amougst new growth and attracted my attention , its form, pattern, and contrast in the brown and green appealed to me .

As with last week taken with a Nikon D3200 sporting a 70-300 Sigma lens set to macro settings 200mm,F9,200thSec and 200 ISO, flash assisted 

16th August 2021


Image of the Week (W/C 2nd August 2021)

A macro image of the Pieris Forest Flame flower , top image for last week. One of my favorite shrubs that produces bright red leaves at the beginning of the Spring  and its  flowers a small delicate chinese lamp like . (See new growth featured in Flowers and Plants )

Taken with a Nikon D3200 and Sigma 70-300mm Lens , seetings 300mm (Macro Setting) F14, 200th/Sec and 200 ISO, Flash assisted 


9th August 2021

Pieris Fores Flame Flower

Image of the Week (W/C 26th July 2021)

Last weeks top images really appeals to me on a number of levels, the strong leading line to the walkers, the constrast of the colours with the pink coat shouting out from the greens and browns. 

Not the first time on the site I converted it to a painting and presented the photo as an abstract.

Taken at Taf Bargoed park, Trelewis in the early Spring as the Covid travel restrictions was lifting, I used a 100% manual lens a  Tokina SZ-X 28-105 mm,  (See Blog 24th August bottom of the page) . Sometimes I need to stray from my go to lens to remind myself how good aged lens are.

Taken with Nikon D2X settings 70mm, F5.6, 1/200thSec and 100 ISO 

2nd August 2021

3 Walkers

Image of the Week (W/C 19th July 2021)

For the 3rd week on the bounce an Image from my trip to Rhigos Mountain takes top slot. Lots in this photo to check out, from the wind turbine standing like a sentinel , to the drama in the sky with clouds and Sun competeing for attention. Those clouds had just delivered a snow flurry heading towards the Rhondda to deposit more 

Taken with a Nikon D3200 partnered with a Tamron 24-10mm Lens settings 15mm,F9, 1/200thSec and 200ISO


26th July 2021  


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Mountain Turbine

Image of the Week (W/C 12th July 2021)

Another black and white landscape from a set taken on Rhigos mountain. I'm drawn to rural utilty's in landcapes, it delivers a stark contrast against the countryside theme.

The main subject also "Photo Bombs" in the backgroud in last weeks posted image below , demonstrates how I utilise the scene as I photo walk .

Taken with D3200 Nikon with Tamron 24-10mm Lens, setting 24mm,F9,1/250Sec and 200 ISO .

19th July 2021 

Rural Utility

Image of the Week ( W/C 5th July 2021)

The measure that delivers Image of the week is pulse rate on agency site 500PX , a reaction indicator of approval from my peers . Not been the best responces over the past 4 weeks so to give things a lift , a good old solid Black and White is a real boast. This Photo featured in Dramatic Sky, taken on a visit to Rhigos this lone tree off a hikng path just shouted snap me

Taken with the Nikon D3200 and Tamron 24-10 lens combination set at 10mm,F9,1/250 and 200 ISO, like and don't like what you see leave a comment 

12th July 2021


Image of the Week (w/C 28th June 2021)

Close up macro of a Marigold, tops image for last week. Delivered using a Sigma 70-300 lens set to macro. Not a planned image I was trying to capture Blue Tits flying in and out of a bird house, failed completely, to quick for me,so I decided to take photo's of something standing more still.

The single flowers delivering up amazing colour, attacted a lot of interest and coming from a little used combination of Nikon D3200 and Sigma , note to self to use more

Settings 300mm (Macro),F10, 1/200Sec and 200 ISO, (Flash used) 

5th July 2021 


Image of the Week ( W/C 21st June 2021)

Image of the Week comes from a post lockdown trip to Parc Bryn Bach, with 3 plants in the foreground adding interest against the expanse of the lake, and Spring sky 

This location well worth a trip, just off the Heads of Valley Road with 36 acres to explore with the lake as centre feature (Post Code NP22 3AY.)

Image taken with the Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm combination set at 11mm,F9,1/320Sec and 100 ISO

28th June 2021

Parc Bryn Bach

Image of the Week (W/C 14th June 2021)

Landscape popularity taken very much a back seat last week, top three images for the week were all flower and plant close ups. This photo of brown leaves should have been a product of the Autumn, in fact taken in May, not sure why this happens most of the bush deliver up green leaves, and yet there are a number of branch's brown and dying.

Did some research and the reason span, not enough water, too much water, dramatic changes in temperature all environmental stress factors, end result does offer amazing brown tone.

Taken with the Nikon D3200 fitted with the Tamron 18-250, set for macro, settings 200mm, F8,1/200thSec and 100 ISO. Flash assisted 

21st June 2021 

Red Brown

Blackweir Footbridge

Image of the Week ( W/C 7th June 2021)

Black and white image always attract a lot of attention, for this image a soft zoom effect has been added in processing creating an abstract view and emphasising the main subject , the footbridge.

Bridge is situated in Pontcanna fields Cardiff, and cross's the River Taff. see map for directions , well worth a visit.

Taken with a Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm lens set at 14mm, F7.1, 1/125thSec and 100 ISO

14th June 2021


Image of the Week (W/C 31st May 2021)

After a fair wait the image of a week for last week is a Landscape . Taken on the first weekend out of lockdown during a walk to Pontcanna Fields and Blackweir Bridge in Cardiff . 

Taken on the footbridge over the River Taff, Photo captures the reflective quality of the river during a Spring morning. Taken with a Nikon D2X , with Tokina 11-16mm Lens set at 16mm,F7.1 1/200thSec and 100 ISO 

7th June 2021 

River Taff