Leading Lines , An Obsession

Its been commented by many people that I'm obsessed about  "Leading Lines"  . Hands up it sits deep in how see things through the lens. Goes back to when I first learned the composition rules of photography. 

My aim is always to use lines and curves to draw viewers into the Image I have added this new page to showcase this concept, I've added below a slideshow of my favourite photo's illustrating this principle. In addition 3 video that explain the concept.

Enjoy , watch out for weekly input leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you 

21st June 2021 

Penallta Parc

ICM Abstract


Edinburgh Castle (1983)

Newport Transporter Bridge

Barry Island

Barry Island Front

Leading lines concept in action, subject matter the covered area, see left the multiple leading lines marked Red that aid the eye's journey into the image. 

5th July 2021

Lake Road llandegfedd (Available for Sale at Alamy)

Clydach Vale

Cwmbran Boating Lake

Valley Top

Mountain Road

Generation and Distribution

Cwm Darren Parc

Barry Island

Trecco Bay -- Porthcawl

Kenfig Pond

Life Boat Station Mumbles

Through the Gate -- Newport Wetlands

Wetland Walkway

Aberavon Sea Wall